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  So often, we are called in when a machine is "down" during a time critical job. Had a scheduled preventive maintenance been performed, the equipment down time, repair costs and a pushed back delivery or loss of contract wouldn't be the issue.
   By allowing us to care for your machines every six months, the likelihood of losses associated with a down machine is minimized.
   Did you know... If your alignment is off just 0.005", a 5.0" long drill can be off as much as 0.01" to 0.02" at the tip. The load on the axis and the spindle can increase as much as 20%. These conditions can wear out mechanically moving parts, and decreases the life of the servo motor and the servo drive units.
   What about the everyday wear and tear when a machine has not been calibrated back to factory specifications? CNC equipment is powerful, rugged and dependable. The machines are purchased for these qualities, and are inevitably heavily used. Unless brought back to factory specifications, the slightest change in accuracy, geometry of the axis(s), repeatability, backlash and alignment will progressively unbalance the smooth operation of the machine. Perhaps it still falls within your tolerances. Variance is not good for the machine and over jobs/time will affect other aspects of it's operation.

  As a convenience, we will notify you of the upcoming maintenance and coordinate our schedule to yours.
  Please note the following preventive maintenance package descriptions.

We also specialize in Hitachi Seiki CNC Repairs!

Service 1


1. Electrical check- Check all the
terminals and connectors. Check
voltage, incoming, transformers,
and DC voltage. Check functions
of thermal relays. Check and clean
cooling fans. Clean or replace air filters*.
2. Level machine.
3. Check head stock alignment
and adjust if necessary.
4. Check Turret Square and adjust if necessary.
(Test Bar used)
5. Check T.I.R., Home position and
adjust if necessary.
(Test Bar used)
6. Tailstock alignment check and
adjust if necessary.
7. Q-setter check and adjust.
(Test Bar used)
8. Check backlash on each axis.
9. Check accuracy test and repeatability.
10. Check for wear on wipers.
11. Check lubrication line.
12. Clean Hydraulic tank and fill with
Hydraulic oil* (Once a year).
13. Clean excessive build-up of chips
14. Back up necessary data
(NC Parameter, data)
15. Full report on Test results and

Service 2

Vertical Mill &

1. Electrical check- Check all the terminals and connectors. Check voltage, incoming, transformers, and DC voltage. Check functions of thermal relays. Check and clean cooling fans. Clean or replace air filters.*
2. Level machine.
3. Straightness of the spindle head movement in Z-axis direction.
4. Straightness of the table movement in the X-axis direction.
5. Square-ness between coordinate axis. X - Z, Y - Z. (Cylindrical Gauge used)
6. Parallelism of the table surface to the X-axis movement of the table. (Test Bar used)
7. Run out of the index table (pallet) surface.
8. Run out of the spindle hole. (Test Bar used)
9. Parallelism of Z axial movement to spindle centerline. (Test Bar used)
10. Back lash
11. Repeatability
12. ATC alignment. (ATC Alignment Tool used)
13. Check wipers.
14. Check lubrication line.
15. Replace Hydraulic oil* (Once a year)
16. Clean excessive build-up of chips.
17. Back up necessary data. (NC Parameters, data)
18. Full report on Test results and recommendations.


*The customer supplies all the necessary filters and Hydraulic oil.
Disposal of all used Hydraulic oil is responsibility of the customer.
The cleaning of coolant tank and disposal of coolant is responsibility of customer.







 Package includes (2) two visits per year. Travel expenses are not included in this package. Each visit requires separate P.O. to cover the travel expanse and any repair work machine may require. Any repair on machine will be notified before actual repair begins and charged regular hourly rate. 

(up to 14” chuck size lathe)

(up to 80 x 40 Table)

(up to 800mm table size)

We also service larger machines and other equipment, please call for an estimate.
For multiple machines, 10% discount from 2nd machine.


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Preventative/Predictive Maintenance

Empire cuts down on your machines down-time, our PM Program gives you more uptime on all your CNC machine tools.


Whether it is Monthly, Quarterly, Semi- Annually or Annually, our PM program is the right choice for your new or used CNC machine tools.

Give us a call, and ask about our Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Programs.

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