FANUC Parts covered by the Service contract.                 

☺ On Site Service by Factory Trained Engineers.
☺ Travel related expenses – Mileage, Airfare & Time.
☺ Fanuc Servo and Spindle Amplifiers.
☺ Servo and Spindle Motors.
☺ LCD Screens and Keyboards.
☺ Printed Circuit Boards. (Excluding consumable parts)
☺ Technical advice & Trouble-shooting counseling available by telephone.
☺ Freight charges for the shipment of parts and the return of defective parts.

☺ Twelve (12) month period, renewable annually.

 CNC Service Contracts Give You Peace of Mind


FANUC Parts covered by the Service contract.


Axis Control PCB                                      I/O PCB                                                  Remote Buffer PCB
Backplane/Motherboard                      Input Unit PCB                                      RISK PCB
Bubble Memory PCB                              Loader Control PCB                              Servo Amplifier PCB
Control System Software                     Main CPU/Master PCB                        Servo Control Module
Conversational PCB                               Memory PCB                                          Servo System Software
CRT Control PCB                                      MMC PCB                                                Spindle Amplifier PCB
CRT Module                                              Operator Panel I/O PCB                      Spindle Control Module
Data Server / Ethernet PCB                 Option PCB                                             Spindle Switching PCB
DRAM Module                                          Orientation Control PCB                     Spindle System Software
FROM Module                                           Photo Head for Tape Reader            SRAM Module
Graphic PCB                                              PMC Control PCB                                  Sub CPU PCB
I/O Control Module                                PMC Module                                           Tape Reader PCB
I/O Module                                               Power Supply                                        AC/DC Servo Motor
LCD/Plasma Display Unit                      AC/DC Spindle Motor                          (excluding Built-in type)        
Position Coder                                        (excluding Built-in type)                      Pulse Coder
(excluding Built-in type)                      Key board                                                Resolver, Tachometer

LCD Control Module                               Soft Key Keyboard  LCD control PCB
The following Servo, Spindle and PSM Units are also included.
A06B-6071, -6072, -6078, -6079, -6080, -6081, -6082, -6083, -6084, -6085, -6087,
-6088, -6089, -6090, -6092, -6069, -6067, -6102, -6104, -6110, -6111, -6112, -6114

FANUC Parts NOT covered by the Service Contract


Backlights                                               Key Sheet(Membrane)                           Battery
Lamps                                                     Bolts,Nuts,Screws                                Magnetic Contactor
Cables                                                     Manual Pulse Generator                          Component parts    
Relay                                                       Connectors                                              Switches 
Switch Covers & Caps                            Unit                                  
Tape Reader Head                                   Fuse                                                        Tracer Head
Hard Disk Drive                                     Transformer / Coil

CRT Display

Fan Motor

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